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Acclaimed electric violinists Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee's new string

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    « FUSE è Linzi Stoppard e Ben Lee, due virtuosi musicisti. Dopo l'uscita del loro album (Universal Music), FUSE è diventato il violino elettrico leader a livello mondiale e le loro performance dal vivo oggi sono molto richieste per eventi privati ed aziendali. Ciò che rende ancor più speciale FUSE è che le loro performance sono eseguite su violini Swarovski da milioni di sterline. Un prodotto musicale UNICO!  »

Duo, Band (Gruppi, Ensembles)
Strumento musicale
Electric Violins, Violino
Genere musicale
Electric Violin Pop, Club, Classical cross-over ...e pubblicato nelle Macro Categorie Classica, Elettronica Dance, Pop (Musica leggera), Punk Rock Metal

FUSE are virtuoso musicians Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee. Since the release of their album (Universal Music) FUSE has become the leading electric violin in the world, their live reputation has become very popular for corporate and private events. Their stunning entertainment and being the only string group in the world to perform on million pound Swarovski Crystal violins makes FUSE a very special and world class violin artist... FUSE is one in a million




This is incredible world class entertainment, I've never seen anything like it, thank you for literally lighting up the heart of the West End for us"
The Royal Crown Estate.

The duo are virtuoso musicians Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee who perform with their bespoke Swarovski Signature Bridge electric violins.
FUSE is an international recording artist. Since the release of their album last year (Universal Music) FUSE have become the premier string group in the world, before soloists and string quartets.

Unlike any other string act in the world FUSE HAS 3 GENRES OF MUSIC FOR CLIENTS TO CHOOSE FROM FROM - a pop hits set, a more cross-over set or an anthemic club set.

Live their reputation proceeds them - they are one of the most exciting and popular instrumental acts around, raising the bar with their stunning brand of entertainment.  As a a result of their coveted position they have also become very popular with launching prestigious brands and performing at VIP events all over the world.

FUSE is the sole string act to be officially sponsored by Swarovski Crystal who to celebrate their album release exclusively created FUSE the most expensive electric violins ever made - a one-off pair of Swarovski Signature crystal violins. Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee launched these incredible works of art in-store at Harrods in conjunction with their album release.

Earlier this year Ben also set new Official Guinness World Speed Record for the "Fastest Violin Player in the World". The 2-time world record holder broke the record again by playing Flight of the Bumblebee at over 14 notes / second live on TV to a global audience. In doing so Ben became the first person in history to break the magic-minute barrier which many professionals said could not be done.

If the above didn't underline FUSE's quality enough, Linzi and Ben are the only string act (including quartets) to sign a global record deal through credible traditional channels in over a decade. 

Linzi and Ben’s background is music all the way – though Linzi is also signed to international modelling agency Models 1 and she and Ben have both just become Prince’s Trust Ambassadors for HRH Prince Charles' charity. With both having had real success individ ally in their careers thus far and worked with an amazing array of world-beating musical talent, their coming together as FUSE portends something really special. The sound that FUSE generate takes serious know-how and technical skill and live it is nothing short of stunning entertainment.

What FUSE do can have a truly global appeal; there are no language barriers. Whilst they are very proudly a string band, listeners can sing along to the choruses that we all know. FUSE are bringing their unique brand of entertainment to a whole new audience worldwide.


"The most innovative violin album for over a generation, violin hero has arrived!"
Daily Telegraph

"Linzi Stoppard and FUSE gives classical music £1 Million rock 'n' roll makeover with their world's most expensive Swarovski Bridge violins"
Daily Mail

"Three standing ovations is all there is to know! Please come back next year"
Medicinema, BAFTA

"FUSE has always provided incredible glamour and a highly polished musical performance for us at the InterContinental Park Lane and The Dorchester hotels. They are so much more than just a live act, so much so we have now commissioned FUSE to compose and perform the theme and score for the Hollywood feature film KTD 2020."
James Black, Executive Producer, Fairbanks Productions.

"This is incredible world class entertainment, I've never seen anything like it, thank you for literally lighting up the heart of the West End for us"
The Royal Crown Estate
"If your looking for something a little bit different and a spectacular show FUSE is your answer. They certainly gave a unique, electrifying and dynamic performance.
Alison Geary, Group Marketing Manager, Adelphi

“FUSE’s performance was truly fantastic, a real talent from a genuinely original artist.”
Richard Bayard, Director, Rogers Wireless, Canada

"Everyone was completely blown away by the talent of Linzi and Ben. Their performance was really incredible. Everyone was raving about it! Thanks for making me look so good…"
Donna Pecci, Director of Talent & Entertainment, The EXP Agency, USA

FUSE has broad variety of musical influences and all are represented in FUSE's live music dependent on the client's choices.

-Classical Cross-over:
Linzi and Ben were both classiclally trained so great classical violinists like Jascha Heifetz and Itzhak Perlman are a strong influence. Also composers such as Mozart, Vivaldi, Handel, Bach, Beethoven, Strauss have influenced FUSE's approach to the more modern genres and arrangements of the music they play.

-Amazing film soundtracks:
Are a big influence on FUSE…like Spielberg's Empire of the Sun, Carl Orff's Adagio For Strings (in Platoon), Last of the Mohicans, Bladerunner, Top Gun and more recent films like Black Swan, Inception, Tron.

-Pop music:
Is a biog influence with FUSE, great 80s, 90s and 2000s…like Michael Jackson, Queen, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Coldplay.

FUSE has built up a repertoire of Dance music which clients can take advantage of. This consists of popular dance anthems from over the last 10-15 years.

FUSE HAS 3 GENRES OF MUSIC FOR CLIENTS TO CHOOSE FROM FROM - a pop hits set, a more cross-over set or an anthemic club set.

Pop hits:
1. Glorious
2. I love Rock n Roll
3. Beat it
4. Go your own Way
5. Interlude
6. The Chain
7. Crazy Crazy Nights
8. Final Countdown
9. Going Home
10. Fix You
11. Down Down
12. Top Gun Anthem
13. Led Carmina (Kashmir/Carmina Burana)

Club Set:
1. Stereo Love
2. I’m not alone
3. Infinity
4. Bad Romance
5. Strings of Tortuga
6. Adagio for Strings

Cross-over set:
1. Braveheart
2. Last of the Mohicans
3. Laurence of Arabia
4. Fix You
5. Going Home
6. Fused Adagio
7. I Vow to Thee

Cartier (Paris), Prince's William and Harry, F1 Monaco Grand Prix,  Prince Albert of Monaco,  Rolls Royce, AUDI, Silverstone F1 Grand Prix,  Swarovski,  Graff Diamonds, International GQ Men of the Year Awards (India), Microsoft (San Francisco, USA),  The Royal Albert Hall,  Cannes Film Festival,  PUMA, Samsung (London),  Rogers Wireless (Montreal, Canada), The Princes' Trust,  Harrahs Casino Chicago (Chicago, USA), The Dorchester Hotel (Park Lane London), InterContinental London Park Lane (with an infamous performance on the roof that stopped Hyde Park Corner traffic in its tracks) and London Fashion Week

FUSE have been commissioned to write, record and produce a soundtrack for a new Hollywood movie this summer.

Disponibile per eventi - Available For
Addio al celibato, Addio al nubilato, Anniversari, Banchetti, Beach party, Brunch, Capodanno, Celebrazioni, Club, Cocktails, Compleanno adulti, Concerti, Conventions, Dinner dance, Discoteche, Eventi in Genere, Feste aziendali, Festa di piazza, Festa in piscina, Festa natalizia, Festa privata, Festa sulla neve, Happy hour, Hotels ed Alberghi, Inaugurazioni, Matrimoni (cerimonia civile), Matrimoni (ricevimento), Navi da crociera, Nights, Openbar, Pianobar, Pub, Ricevimenti

Tag: electric,  strings,  duo,  quartet,  FUSE,  violin,  Linzi Stoppard,  Ben Lee,  live,  corporate,  entertainment


Since 2009


Provenienza - Based in
London, United Kingdom - (Stato estero)
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Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardia, Marche, Molise, Piemonte, Puglia, Sardegna, Sicilia, Toscana, Trentino Alto Adige, Umbria, Valle dAosta, Veneto

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